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I’m Beccy. I live in Brisbane, Australia and study Education. I am living my life trying to figure out what it means to follow Jesus, especially when it feels the whole world is shouting at me what they think it means to live with the label ‘Christian.’

I love books and good tv shows, I love the trashiest of historical fiction and the weightiest of history books. I love animals and adore my loyal dog and uninterested cat. I love reading about theology and ministry, and especially the struggle of women to be heard in church ministry. I can get lost in theoretical ideas but also quickly get frustrated when I don’t see how it makes a difference to life here and now.

This blog started because I had a lot of questions and thoughts about what following Jesus and serving in the church as a woman meant. These questions stretched beyond ‘gender theology’ and into questions about God and his nature. I was frustrated and tired of feeling like I was a question, a problem, an issue – that debates must be had and books must be written before I could go about the business of serving God. That I felt I had to reign in my voice and my thoughts because they weren’t wanted, and worse, might be heresy.

I almost decided to giving up asking the hard questions and coast through life as a surface Christian, while never addressing the issues and problems that touched my heart. But a faith in Jesus that doesn’t touch and change your heart is no faith at all.

I love Jesus. I want to live a life filled with his grace, that shares the joy I have in him with others. In it all I had the strongest sense that the answer to it all must lie in God’s grace – the upside down forgiveness and love poured out at the cross must mean something for all the questions I had.

So I waded into the fray and started asking the hard questions. I don’t know what answers I have found or if I will ever find them, but the process of asking draws me back again and again into Jesus’ love and mercy and grace.


One thought on “About

  1. Gael

    Thanks Beccy. I wrestle with similar things… how as a women, do I live out serving Christ and helping others to know Him the way I do. (G McD)


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