Blogging Hiatus

Very soon, I will be starting a big block placement of student teaching for my Primary Education degree. This will take up most of my time and energy. As a result – I’m taking a break from blogging.

I’m hoping that after my placement and some time to recover, I will be back to writing and blogging and link collecting for you all. I’ll still be posting as infrequently and randomly as ever on my Searching for Grace Instagram account, as well as my Animals Abound account.

For your entertainment, I’ve compiled a list of old blog posts you may or may not have read before. Enjoy reading them until I’m back!

See you soon!

Imagination – Part 1 – Anxiety – on the link between my anxiety and my creativity.

Liturgy For The Broken Hearted – why liturgy speaks to me in my mental illness.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Clear Your Head – simple, easy actions.

What Is Bravery? – on not taking the easy way out.

Travelling Alone – my thoughts in anticipation of my first solo trip (which I survived!)

Simplicity – on minimalism.

Better Together – on Christian community that includes everyone.

Today’s Prayer – this is basically my prayer everyday.

How Long? – on Advent and waiting and darkness before the light.