Things I Liked In June

Each month I do a post covering ‘things I liked’ – from articles to videos to tv shows to books to anything in between. Here’s my list of what I liked in June. What have you liked this month?

Diversify Your Happiness

I’ve been reading Yes and Yes a lot more. It has some very helpful articles about money and happiness. This article talks about branching out and finding new things that make you happy – a great endeavor!

Orphanages – 5 Myths You Need To Know

The true state of a many orphanages, and how we can help (without making it all about us and causing more harm). Warning: parts of this article are quite distressing.

Salad In A Jar

I’m experimenting with new ways to eat food. I’m currently thinking about ways to pack healthy lunches when I go back to uni classes soon. These salad jars look fun and practical.

The White Princess

A few years ago The White Queen aired – a 10 episode series that dramatized the events of the end of the War of the Roses. It focused on Elizabeth Woodville – the York Queen and Mother of the Princes in the Tower. Now, The White Princess is the follow up – it follows Elizabeth of York, daughter of Elizabeth Woodville, who married the new Tudor king, Henry VII to unite the warring factions and bring peace to England. The series is light and entertaining, even if it skips the accuracy in some (many) places. The costumes are some of the most accurate I’ve seen though, and watching it was worth it for them alone.

This Dog Followed The Google Earth Guy

dog follows google earth

What a good dog. Just looking for a friend.

Catherine de’Medici: orphan, captive, wife, Queen, mother, politician, survivor

History things! Catherine has an amazing life story, where she played a variety of roles that weren’t always accessible to women in her time. This article gives some great insights into her life.

Loving Scripture, Living Egalitarian

This article makes some interesting points; I’m not sure I agree with all of it, but it’s worth considering.

A New Report On Teen Sex

I found this really interesting to read; especially where it compares perceived sexual behaviour in teens with actual sexual behaviour. Check it out.


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