5 Reasons I’m Becoming A Vegan

People keep asking me why I’m becoming a vegan. I keep finding it hard to answer. So here’s my thoughts articulated in reasonably logical way.

  1. Health reasons. I have a condition that might respond well to this diet.
  2. To break unhealthy patterns. Changing my diet drastically will make me think more deliberately about what I am eating, and will mean I am being intentional about consuming enough protein, vitamins, vegetables etc.
  3. To avoid mass produced products. My foray into thinking about ethical fashion has shown me that the major downfall of our consumer culture is that it’s impossible to trace where everything comes from and how it was made. This applies to food as well as fashion.
  4. I’m becoming more and more uneasy about eating animals. I like animals. I have pet animals. I have an Instagram account where I take photos of animals. I want more distinction between my pets and what I eat.
  5. I want to live my life doing the least harm I can. Of course, this isn’t completely avoidable. I will hurt the people around me, I will leave an impact on the earth and the environment by living and consuming goods. But I want to try to minimize the harm I cause.

So those are my reasons. I’m transitioning slowly, and doing this properly; I’ve seen my GP, I’m doing research, and I’m seeing a dietitian who specializes in plant based eating. Overall, it just feels right. It feels like a healthier way to live, to thinking about food and to plan my life. I’ll keep you updated on how it works out.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m Becoming A Vegan

  1. Deon

    All the best, Beccy! It really has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I think the biggest impact for me has been no longer having the cognitive dissonance in loving animals and then turning around and eating them. I just feel more at peace. It’s definitely up to individuals though. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so people should make their own decisions on this and do what they believe is best. But I wish you well on this journey, wherever it leads!


  2. BeccyC

    Thanks Deon! I’m really enjoying thinking more carefully about what I eat and trying new recipes. What you said about the cognitive dissonance is so true – I feel so much more at ease about it all.


  3. Milika

    Last year I used an app to track my food intake for a month. The drop down list had Cow milk just under Breast milk. 30 days of those comparisons made me pause.
    Looking forward to many good meals together trying new recipes.


    • BeccyC

      Yes. The concept of eggs is also weirder and weirder the more you think about it.
      I’m looking forward to testing all kinds of new dishes on you guys! 🙂


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