Animals Abound: What Dogs Would The Characters From Friends Be?

Lucas and I had a conversation about what type of dog each character of Friends would be. Then this post happened. You’re welcome. 

Ross – Greyhound

Takes themselves way too seriously. Causes divided opinions. 


Monica – German Shepherd

Hard working and loyal. A little intense sometimes. 


Chandler –  Irish Setter

A bit ridiculous, but knows it. 


Phoebe – Labradoodle

Adorable. Scruffy but has a big heart. 


Joey – Dachshund

Loves food. Has no concept that anyone could be laughing at them, ever. 


Rachel – Afghan Hound

Very pretty. A little confused how it got here.



2 thoughts on “Animals Abound: What Dogs Would The Characters From Friends Be?

  1. BeccyC

    Hmm. I feel like I might need some photographic evidence before I make a final call here.
    Joey seems like a dachshund because, like Joey, this breed of dog literally cannot stop eating. They have no in-built function to tell them they are full.
    Also, like a dachshund, Joey takes himself so seriously, but in an adorable way – he never catches on that his friends might be making fun of him. Dachshunds never even consider that they might be a little ridiculous looking.
    (yes, I am taking this way too seriously)


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