Things I Liked In March

Each month I do a post covering ‘things I liked’ – from articles to videos to tv shows to books to anything in between. This month I also did a special edition called ‘Things I Liked On International Women’s Day.’ But here’s my list of what I liked in March. What have you liked this month?

Austrian Bread Dumplings

I was missing Austria and it’s cooler climate and delicious food, so I decided to learn how to make Austrian bread dumplings (Semmelknödel). This is the recipe I used. It took me some experimenting with how much flour to add, but I eventually got the dumplings to stay together and cook. They’re pretty tasty and go well with soups and stews (or anything else you want to pair them with).

enhanced-29592-1410349187-9.jpg24 Deliciously Simple Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

There are times we don’t want to drink. Or we have friends who don’t drink. Or we need to drive. Whatever the reason, I feel there’s a niche waiting to be filled by delicious and interesting non-alcoholic beverages. Look no further – above is a list of these drinks that are tasty and pretty and don’t involve an alcohol content at all.

Related – Loving People Deeply is doing an series on responsible alcohol usage. Read about consumption here and service here.

Also related – Sarah Bessey wrote a heart stirring and honest piece on why she quit drinking. Read it here.

Keep Cups For Hope Street Cafe

Micah Projects is a Brisbane based community organisation with an unswerving commitment to social justice. Our new social enterprise, Hope Street Café seeks to address the need for flexible, frontline services which provide practical solutions for people with significant barriers to employment. By providing qualified hospitality training and supported employment pathways we can assist people from diverse backgrounds facing challenges for inclusion and economic participation.

This group does a lot of good work. I’ve donated to get my keep cup, which looks great, helps the environment AND goes towards opening the cafe that will help train people to enter the workforce who otherwise might not be able to.

16 useful clues for anyone who wants to understand dogs better

Who doesn’t want to understand dogs better? Useful tips on dog body language and what it means.

Beauty and the Beast

MTP0200_g_p3.000000-.jpgI saw the remake of the Disney classic at a premiere event – with red velvet cupcakes and sparkling wine and roses! – and it was fantastic. I really really enjoyed it. The music, the costumes and the sets were stunning, and there was real character development and backstories included! Even characters like Gaston were more complex and compelling. It made the story richer and deeper. It had the right amount of humor and the jokes were actually funny. There was an appropriate balance between respecting the original material and introducing new material to make the story feel fresh and interesting. Also I want to live in the castle’s library. That’s all.

Belle: Have you really read all of these books? 

Beast: Well, no. I mean, some of them are in Greek.

Duet – Flash/Supergirl

Flash and Supergirl teamed up to provide a musical crossover episode called ‘Duet’ (yes that is a real sentence I just typed) and it’s hilarious and ridiculous and amazing. Here’s a clip of my favourite song from the episode. So many puns!

Proven By Science: Doing These 9 Things Will Make You Happy

A friend showed this to me,and I found it encouraging that the things I could do to bring joy to my life were relatively simple, and most of them I was doing already. Of course, happiness is more complex and layered than an infographic can solve, but it was still very helpful.

Red Pandas

I love these furry little animals so much. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. enhanced-6017-1414532772-31.jpg

Related: Rescue Goat With Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

British Libary’s Online Books

If you click that link, it will take you to a magical place. The British Library has an online collection of the manuscripts that are too precious to be out on display. The first book that link will show you is the Bedford Book of Hours, a medieval prince’s prayer book. If you click the ‘menu’ option in the bottom left corner, you can browse their whole catalogue. Highlights: Henry VIII’s Psalter (Psalm book) annotated in his own hand, Mozart’s musical diary, the original ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’ written in Lewis Carrol’s own hand, Jane Austen’s History of England, written at age 13, Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel with his own notes and drawings, seriously, I could go on and on. Please check it out.

Related: Dymocks have released a line of leather bound classic books and they are beautiful and I just want to throw all my money at them. So is this hard cover copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. I just really love books.


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