Animals Abound – Part 3 – Cat Cuddle Cafe

Do you have a list of things to do one day? Are you always intending to check out that new cafe/lunch spot/exercise class/whatever it is that interests you? But do you also somehow never get round to doing the things you want to do?

Let me introduce a concept. Do the things. Do the things you want to do. Plan for it, and do it – or decide you won’t do it. This isn’t my idea, just to be clear – Nina Kardia, my often quoted inspiration, wrote about this concept – if you want to do a thing one day, just do it. She called it lock it or leave it, saying:

Whenever I caught myself saying, “ohh, we should totally do that one day!” I would stop, pull out my schedule, and try to figure out right away if we could book it in.  Or not.

This has evolved into a principle that me and Mick call ‘lock it or leave it’.  If there’s something you want to do, lock it in right away. And to avoid brain clutter, if you realise that it’s not actually realistic for you to ever do that thing, just forget it.  Delete the promotional email about it or throw away that brochure you’ve had stuck up on your fridge for seven months.  It’s not going to happen.  Just leave it.

20170119_102459I really liked this idea, and decided to put it into practice. So when a friend of mine and my sister and I kept mentioning that we’d like to check out the Cat Cuddle Cafe on the north side of our city, I decided to lock it. I set a time frame – before I went overseas – found a time that worked for the three of us – and locked it in.

It was great. It was such a good morning. We got to the cafe about 15 minutes before our cat cuddle session start, and ordered some drinks. All the drinks had fun names like cattacunio, cat white, piccolo kitty-o, long black cat, hot chococat, etc (you see the pattern, right?)

In the upstairs area there were cat themed board games and books lying around for entertainment. The decor was extremely cat themed, in the kind of way where it’s so over the top it’s adorable.

Then our cat cuddle session started! We went downstairs and into the cat zone (not the actual name, just what I call it in my head). We washed our hands and then slowly started to sit with the cats, seeing which would approach us. Over the next hour we got to pat cats, watch cats play with each other, offer toys and fun things to the cats and even cuddle a few.

My friend, my sister and I are all cat fans. (My sister is more of a dog fan, but she likes cats enough to come to a cat cuddle cafe). Patting cats together was a lot of fun. Rather than just sending each other pictures of cute cats or funny cat memes, we got to see real cats! We got to share the experience with each other and laugh when the cats did the hilarious things (as cats tend to do). Cats are strange, amusing, beautiful, dorky animals. Watching them interact was so interesting, as I only have the one cat and don’t often see cats hanging out together in a group (or to use a cooler term, a #catsquad). It brought out aspects of cats and their functions that I don’t often see.

The cats at the cafe are all up for adoption, and it works really well. If you’re looking for a cat, I’d really recommend doing something like this – you get to see the cat’s personality and temperament, how they react to different people and to different cats.

It was a lot of fun. The hour passed really quickly and saying goodbye to my new fur-friends was a bit sad (mainly for me. They were pretty aloof).

I was so glad I ‘locked’ this experience and actually did the thing I wanted to do. I really enjoyed my morning patting cats and drinking coffee with some friends. Next time there’s something I want to do, I won’t be so slow in getting around to booking it in.

Here. Enjoy some photos from the cat cafe.


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