Things I liked on International Women’s Day

You’re getting a special edition of ‘things I liked’ – not tied to a month or a time frame, but a particular day. Lots of people I like wrote good and interesting articles, from all kinds of different perspectives. I might not agree with all the things in all of the articles below, but each have important and valid thoughts and points of view.

I don’t have the time to write my own thoughts on International Women’s Day today (in fact, I’m writing this in a break between uni classes). I have assignments to write this week, and I plan to enjoy the privilege I have here in Australia to learn and teach and write, a privilege that should be a right, a right that many girls around the world are denied. But I don’t have the time to write an insightful blog post before. I don’t need to – many other people already have.

The truth is, International Women’s Day is often a hard day for me. Isn’t ironic that a day meant to be for the good and empowerment of women, is a day that causes me a lot of angst? It’s a day when the internet doesn’t feel like a safe or welcoming space. It feels that even drawing attention to the countless issues facing women worldwide is too confronting for many people.

It makes me angry that a day like this is even needed. That again, my gender is an issue, a problem, a crisis to be solved. Then there’s the countless cries of ‘what about International Men’s Day?’ (by the way, it’s November 19th). The protests that women are equal now and there’s no more work to be done. I want us to be able to move away from a focus on our own privileged western experience, and be able to see the wider picture, the ‘international’ aspect of International Women’s Day.

Okay. I’m going to hand over to these articles now, who have lots of helpful things to say about these issues.

Loving People Deeply – Five Things To Love Women You Don’t Know

Short and sweet – practical tips on how to know and do more written by a friend of mine.

Melanie Pennington – I’m a Privileged White Women. But Today Isn’t Just About Me.

Another friend of mine, with a clear insight into how lucky we are in Australia and how not everyone is as privileged (bonus: you can read her awesome blog from last year’s International Women’s Day here).

Creek Road – How might the church #beboldforchange this International Women’s Day?

My pastor wrote this post for my church’s blog. It acknowledges how churches haven’t done enough in the past, and can do more in the future.

Sarah Bessey – A Prayer for International Women’s Day

Sarah Bessey wrote a prayer for the women who read her blog, praying we would know God’s love first of all and that it would make us brave.


Want to know more? Don’t pay attention just one day a year. Visit the official site for International Women’s Day and learn how you can take action, all year round.


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