Taking Flight

Do you remember how a few months ago I wrote this thing about traveling alone and how scared I was feeling?

Well, I leave for a month overseas, alone and independent, at the end of this week.

That happened very fast.

Family and friends will be only an email away – but that’s still a very long way away.

I’m not as scared as I was. But I’m also a lot more prepared and ready. I’m packing and making lists and printing documents and getting myself together. It’s down to the pointy end of planning for my adventure.

Even now I’m mentally listing the itinerary I need to finish, the sim card I need to test, the decisions about which jacket on the plane I need to make and when I should do my final load of washing.

It’s all on me. I’m responsible for myself, and for making this trip work. If I forget something important, I need to solve it. If I get lost, I need to ask for help. If I freak out about something, I’m the one who needs to calm myself down and come up with a plan.

I’m excited. I’m nervous. I still have moments of panic, of oh-my-goodness-what-have-I-done. But I’m ready – or as ready as I will ever be before actually stepping onto that plane and taking flight into the air.

Already planning and preparing for this trip has helped me grow in a lot of different areas – researching and planning, managing my finances, and of course, filling out paperwork. But in all seriousness, I’ve talked to insurance companies and organisations and applied for scholarships and grants and done things I wouldn’t have had to do otherwise – and I haven’t left Australia yet. I am sure in the next four weeks I will be required to do many more new things, intimidating things, things that push me out of my comfort zone – things that are good for me.

I know this trip will make me more confident, more capable and more independent. Those are all good things, right? But I also know this trip will make me more grateful for home, for stability, for my day to day normal. I’m excited and keen for the adventure, but I’m also looking forward to coming home, having learnt new things and gained new perspectives.

So while I am gone I will do my best to be brave and smart and resourceful and organized. I will soak up every moment of adventure, every new experience, everything about being in a different country by myself. I will do this knowing that home is a safe place to come back to, with people who love me and routines that are simple and not scary.

But maybe the occasional scary thing isn’t so bad.

P.S. While I am away I will be blogging over at AIM Overseas (the organisation I am doing my program through) as one of their official bloggers! I will also be posting photos on my instagram if you’re interested in following my adventures.


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