Things I Liked in December

Last month, I tried doing a ‘links I like’ post. It was fun, but I’ve decided to expand the monthly round up from just links on the internet to any – books, movies, tv shows, etc. So here’s a list of what I enjoyed in December. It doesn’t cover everything, but the ones that stood out to me. What have you liked this month?
Let’s start with Christmas.


This Dog Ate A Whole Turkey

This article went from funny to hilarious with this one line: “The Barrett family, from Prestwick, say they’re putting her on a New Year diet.”


My church put on a carols service where we sang Christmas songs about Jesus and rejoiced that he is the light in the darkness. The link above takes you to a photo story of my church family celebrating together.

Doctor Who Christmas Special


It’s been a whole year since we’ve seen the time-traveling Time Lord in new adventures. But he came back for the Christmas Special and he’ll be back in 2017 for more new episodes.

I really liked this episode. Part of it was just that I have missed the Doctor, but it was genuinely pretty well written and entertaining. It was much more emotionally ‘light’ than the last few Christmas Specials, which was a relief to be honest. I’m hoping these character return in future episodes…

Other things…

Scotland Summer Isles For Sale

Did you know you can just BUY an ISLAND? The whole island is available for only $2.3 million (roughly the cost of a Manhattan condo). Don’t have the money? The island is also available as three separate lots – my favourite is the north end, which has three houses, a cafe and a post office, for $850 000. You should buy the island, and invite me for Scottish holidays.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency


Good news: all eight episodes of season one of this show are available on Netflix. You should go watch it right now. It is amazing – funny and quirky and clever and full of heart and hilarity.

If you like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Jessica Jones, or just really well written scripts and rounded out characters, watch it. Watch it watch it watch it.



Quiet – From Matilda the Musical

I saw Matilda the Musical earlier in the month. Overall it was a funny and moving retelling of this childhood classic. The best part was definitely the soundtrack though, and I’ve been listening to ‘Quiet’ over and over again.

The Psychology of House Sitting

I found this analyse about why we organize our homes and kitchens they way we do really really interesting. Also slightly terrifying.

Design Your Dream Life Workbook

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Nina Kardia’s work and writing – all of it. This workbook is for anyone who needs to take some time to think about where their life is headed and what they want from it – especially if you are feeling stuck or that you’ve gotten lost on the wrong track.

An Illuminated New Year’s Guide

This is another workbook, from another blogger I adore. Allie’s workbook focuses around reflecting on 2016 and planning for 2017, in a way that embraces our hopes, dreams, and inevitable failings as well. I found it really helpful to work through.

Finally, a video of this dog who was raised alongside rabbits. Enjoy.


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