Top Cafes of 2016

This is just a fun post, that’s probably only relevant to those of you that read my blog that a) like coffee and b) live on the Brisbane South-side. 

I love coffee. I love drinking coffee, I love making coffee. I’m currently experimenting with the best ways to make at-home cold coffee for the relentless heat of a Brisbane summer (coffee ice cubes have changed my life).

So, just for fun, here’s a list (in no particular order) of the cafes I have most frequented in 2016. My opinions are purely based on my preferences and what is convenient for me, so if your favourites differ from my list, don’t take it personally! None of these links are sponsored. I just really like coffee.

Let me know your favourite cafes of 2016 and what you like about – I’m always interested in the different priorities people have for where they spend their time, money and coffee consumption!

Blacksmith Specialty Coffee

Coffee? Quality. Atmosphere? Perfect for either chatting with a friend or reading a book over your coffee. Service? Friendly and helpful. Location? Near main roads but on a backstreet so there’s usually parking. Currently there is a lot of construction happening in the street but I can easily forgive that. Blacksmith, without playing favourites, is basically everything I want in a cafe. If only it was in walking distance from my house…

John Mills Himself

This is my coffee go-to in the CBD. It’s tuck away down a flight of stairs and along an alleyway – meaning those who frequent it do so deliberately. It’s well worth the search – possibly some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.

Black Sheep Coffee

I’ve literally being going to this cafe weekly for a while now – it’s situated in an old warehouse, but still manages to feel welcoming and cosy. Also dog friendly. Does excellent iced lattes (that are actually a cold version of a latte, rather than a concoction of coffee and ice cream).

Deedot Coffee House

Deedot has just renovated and I love their new look and shadier seating area. Consistently good coffee and food, Deedot deserves it’s overflowing popularity, but this unfortunately often makes it difficult to get a table. Deedot is much more the place I head when I am getting breakfast/brunch/lunch with someone and don’t mind some crowds, rather than just a good coffee and quiet work-space.

Black Lab Coffee

Black Lab is different to all the other cafes on my list as it only does takeaway coffee, and has a very limited seating area. This isn’t so much a go-and-read-and-write cafe for me as a let’s-walk-the-dog-and-find-some-caffeine cafe. It is extremely dog friendly though, and even has a resident black lab who is referred to as ‘boss.’

Esher St Cafe and Deli

Esher St has a beautiful big seating area out the back which is perfect for getting a project done while consuming a flat white. The coffee is good quality, and it’s technically within walking distance of my house. It’s also next door to my hairdresser’s, but that’s really only relevant to me (shout out to Affinity Hair for being friendly and awesome and convincing me to get a fringe this year).

So thanks to all the cafes on this list for keeping me caffeinated and sane in 2016. Have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you soon (very soon) in 2017!


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