Today’s Prayer

Give me freedom and light and peace now. Give me love and life and joy. I don’t want to be stuck in the old ways, in depression and heaviness and pain and crying. I want God’s grace, flowing out of the cross and into my heart and out of my life into others.

Give me peace and the ability to forgive and forget now. Give me healing and soothing words of God’s great mercy. I don’t want grudges and anger and hurt. I want to move on, to let this be a story I use to help others and nothing more.

Give me hope and excitement for the future ahead now. Give me longing for the days yet to come and the good yet to do. I don’t want the past or the dread of what’s to come. I want to embrace each new day as one God has given as a gift.

Give me calm and tranquility and rest now. Give me restoration and redemption of my soul. I don’t want anxiety and restless energy and stress. I want to rest in God’s goodness, knowing I am cared for, and confident that all is well.

Give me your goodness and grace God. Take the sin and the darkness away. I don’t want anything that’s not from you, because all I want is you.


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