How Long?

I am playing a long waiting game.

We are all waiting. Advent is all about waiting. Waiting for Christmas, a birthday, a child to be born, a dark time to pass, a year to end, a new thing to begin. Often we don’t wait patiently. Instead we call out into the darkness, asking, How long O Lord?

This has not been an easy year for our world. It has felt that this year we are all calling out again and again into the darkness – How long O Lord?

I can hear even those who don’t know God calling out. They know that there is something not right in our world. They know that there is something missing that is badly needed. That this world cannot continue in its darkness and blackness and horror and tragedy. That something must change. That someone must act. We cannot hold on much longer. How long O Lord?

Advent means waiting for the time when God chose to act by sending Jesus into the world. But Advent also means waiting for the future time when we will see the conclusion of God’s actions in the world. We are waiting for God to bring everything right. We are waiting for the end of suffering and pain. We are waiting for the time when there will be no need to ask – How long O Lord?