A world in need of Jesus

When I look at the world, it brings me to my knees. Sometimes in prayer. More often then not, just in wordless despair.

Not just Paris. Not just Beirut and Baghdad, though they are sources of particular heartbreak right now. But all of it. The whole sad twisted lot of it.

Sexism. Racism. Hate and fear and poverty while the rich get richer.

Slavery alive and flourishing – often the need for it created by the same people who donate to charities for third world countries but turn around and spend their money in a way that only reflects a need for more and now which can only be supplied by the suffering of others.

Humans hating humans, humans killing humans, humans everywhere infecting the world with their poison.

And I am no better.

Most days, it feels like the darkness is winning. But these are the days I need to remember that Jesus has already won.

It doesn’t feel like it. Not today certainly. But I have to say it again and again like a refrain: Jesus has won. He is the light. He has won. I will shout it into the darkness.

I must remember, when I see what humans do, that they are not the enemy. Jesus did not come to defeat humanity, but to rescue it.

Humans; Christian, Muslim, black, white, American, French, Arabic, even Australian – we are the hostages. We are hostages of the darkness.

Thank goodness Jesus stormed into this world and liberated us, and has dragged us back into the light.

Does it make any sense to blame the refugees who were also fleeing this darkness, when it struck and attack their homelands, for running? Doesn’t the need for safety for those victims increase, not decrease, with these attacks?

If we did nothing when the darkness hurt those who were far away, are we really surprised it has spread closer to us?

When I look at the world, I am trying to see one in need of Jesus. I am just a hostage that has been rescued. Why would I dare place blame on the actions of those still trapped in darkness? Why would I not try and show them the liberator, the rescuer, who rescued me?


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