Unironic Enthusiasm (or why I’m not pretending to be too cool anymore)

What’s so bad about being enthusiastic anyway?

tumblr_ma1rug9FtR1qjhzvpo3_1280John Green, who makes videos on the internet and writes young adult fiction, said something once about how being a nerd just means you are excited about things.

I love being excited about things. I love counting down the days to the Taylor Swift concert, I love live-tweeting Doctor Who episodes, I love messaging my friends in all caps when I see something I know they will be just as excited as I am about.

So why is it so – normal – to make fun of people for being excited?

Did you cringe when I said I like Taylor Swift? What if I said it was One Direction? I can’t count the number of times I have seen adults on breakfast shows mocking the fans of the latest something – especially when the fans are mostly teenage girls.

So we shy away from liking anything too much. Or if we do, we don’t talk about it or share it. We are far too cool to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into liking something.

This has all been said before, I am sure. I hardly came to these conclusions on my own. Many people have observed that brands often become inexplicably a joke when the teenage girls show up.

And yet – these girls.

They love so devotedly. They turn up so readily. They cheer unashamedly.

What would it look like if we loved Jesus like this?

No holding back. Not afraid of the judgement or the laughter of those who think they are better and wiser. Not being too cool for anything, not even too cool for Jesus.

So I have decided to live my life with unironic enthusiasm.

I will be excited.

I will count the days to Christmas, I will hashtag the latest launch, I will throw the finale party and I will be excited.

I will let this excitement and joy into every corner of my life, but most of all into how I follow Jesus.

Because if there is anything in this world to be excited about, it is him. If there is anything that brings me joy and life and gladness, it is the good news of him.


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